About Us

The Armed Forces Major Events Team (North East Lincolnshire) supports the Armed Forces Community Covenant across the region in support of service personnel, their families, veterans and outreach services.

The small team is accommodated by North East Lincolnshire Council in Knoll House close to the seafront at Cleethorpes.  All are volunteers with ex-service backgrounds from all 3 military services.   From their main HQ in Knoll House the team organise North East Lincolnshire’s annual Armed Forces Day (AFD) and their hard work was rewarded in 2016 when they were selected to organise the National Armed Forces Day event.  The annual AFD event bring financial benefit to the area attracting over 60,000 people to the area.

Furthermore, the team provide assistance to the borough to maintain the dignity and integrity of civic/military functions.  Providing support and advise on all events and functions involving military and civilian integration across the borough and ensuring the correct protocols are followed.

In addition to the AFD, the team also organise Remembrance Day ceremonies, Armistice Day functions and military vessel visits to ports on the South Bank of the River Humber.  The Remembrance Gate and flag poles, close to Ross Castle on the seafront, also fall under the responsibility of the AFMET.

If you would like to know more about the Armed Forces Major Events Team (North East Lincolnshire) or have a question about their work, please use this link to contact us.  CONTACT AFMET